Don’t Let the GOP Steal Your Vote

When assclowns get desperate, they turn to their old friend Election Fraud to help save the day. We’ve already seen harmonic tremors of what’s to come – remember those nuns who were denied the vote? The gentleman who got arrested for the hideous crime of presenting state-approved voter ID? The Supreme Court handed the 2000 election to Bush by way of some chad, and 2004 looked a mite shady as well.

It’s only gonna get worse. Ye olde cliche “by hook or by crook” takes center stage here: Republicons have no hook, and they’re quick to turn to crook. Crashing Vor over at Daily Kos has some excellent advice for those who prefer not to have their votes stolen out from under them:

Check your voter registration, now and again before closing deadline. If you are a Democrat or Independent, darker than a glass of milk or live in a neighborhood with a significant proportion of non-whites, check again. Tell your friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

If your state allows convicted felons to regain the franchise after serving sentence and you know such a person, have them double-check their registration, as felons who may legitimately vote are often targeted in purges.

Keep close tabs on any election-related mailers or phone calls, particularly any that question your registration, urge you to vote on the wrong day, appear to be from a party source but support the opposing party’s candidate, etc.

Check with the registrar of voters before the election to make sure your polling place has not moved. (This is especially important in places recovering from disaster–flooded Midwest Dems: heads up!)

If you can, volunteer as a poll-watcher for your local Democratic party or your candidate of choice.

The GOP is desperate this year, and will try every last damn dirty trick, legal or not, to stop people from voting, to stop votes from counting, to stop the wave of pissed off voters they hear rushing at them. Vigilance is the watchword.

Vigilance indeed. Spread the word.