Quote o’ the Day

Just because I always enjoy bashing Chris Mooney.  I consider it something of a spectator sport with occasional audience participation.  See his hysteria summed up rather wonderfully:

Really – Mooney seems to have this very easily-triggered terror that a critical comment from one person about one other person will cause some terrible, general, societal harm. But is the structure really that fragile? Are cascades that easy to set off? PZ calls Collins a clown and, whammo, children flee biology class, and Congress passes laws making fuel economy a felony, and the glaciers melt and everybody dies.

What people like Chris Mooney don’t realize is that you can’t change the world without shaking people up.  His freaking out at the slightest non-accommodating remark is just pathetic.

I Think George Became Upset

And why do I think our own dear, sweet, epitome-o’-kindness George became upset?  There’s a Clue contained in his most recent post:

It was about then that my predatory, reptilian atheist mind wanted to simply lunge forward and devour the theologian in two or three gulps.

Had I been there, I suspect he’d have only gotten about 1 – 1½ gulps in, because I would’ve been devouring with him.  So much for “friendly.”

I have no idea why atheists even try to have “friendly” debates with believers anymore.  I mean, sure, when you’re among friends, you’ll probably keep it friendly, but these “friendly” formal debates look like an exercise in frustration, without a little fire to liven things up.  The theologian spouts vapid crap, the atheist politely shares reality, and everybody in the audience probably ends up feeling like poor dear George except those frightening folks who seem to have had the irritation centers burned out of their brains.  You know the type.  They’re the ones who’ll chirp, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” when they’ve become a quadruple amputee in a horrific accident that also killed their family and their dog.

If you’re not one of the latter, do go enjoy George’s deconstruction of the blessed event.

Quote o’ the Day

Aunty Flow is here, and has been pestering me with chronic cramps all day, which means I don’t have the energy to wield the Smack-o-Matic on some politician’s deserving derriere.  The good news is, within about 24 hours or so, all should be back to as normal as it gets and the lack of social energy that has led me to neglect far too many friends shall come to an end.  I shall also be prepared to resume spanking duties.  I’d like to ask the Cons to wax their butts in preparation for my imminent return.  A hairy ass absorbs sound and is also unsanitary.

In the meantime, I’m catching up with Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes, and have come across one of the few things that has the power to make me laugh today:

It’s official, people: the Answers in Genesis people have finally decided to protest air.

I commend the rest of that post to your attention. 

Science Quote o’ the Day

“They’re the Snickers bar of the desert.”

Michael Nachman, U of A, ladies and gentlemen, on the rock pocket mouse and the fact nearly everybody in the desert eats them.

Available in both milk and dark chocolate, no less.

I’m sure these poor little buggers would have a different take on ye old Snickers slogan: “Don’t let hunger happen to you.”

And yeah, I’m only just now getting round to watching “What Darwin Never Knew.”

Quote o’ the Day

Ophelia Bennett says all there really is to say in response to the Catholic Church’s ongoing campaign to paint themselves as the real victims in all these rape and abuse scandals they so happily covered up for so long:

It’s – it’s – it exhausts my capacity to revile it. The self-pity, the world-blotting egocentrism, the blank inability to grasp the misery of people outside their own circle, the moral imbecility – I lack the words to express my disgust.

Luckily, she and all of the others who understand that it’s wrong to torment little boys and girls and then protect the tormentors from the law are still searching for those words.  The Catholic Church can’t be given a free pass simply because what they’ve done is so horrifying, what they continue to do is so outrageous, that words can only sketch our disgust and anger.

Comment o’ the Day

Chris Rhetts posted a comment that should not remain buried in comments.  No, it needs to be out here in the open, for all to see:

I just wanted to say that just a few minutes ago, in a rare, life altering moment of clarity, I FINALLY GOT IT! Republicans are offering us an amazingly delightful alternative to reality and we, poor fools, don’t have the sense God gave a piss ant to accept it. What’s the matter with us anyway? Consider for a moment that instead of castigating dickheads like Tony Watts and Jim Inhofe – all we have to do is close our eyes, wish really, really hard that they aren’t the two-faced douche bags they seem to be, and *poof!* global warming goes away in a cloud of shit. By the way this Chardonnay I’m sucking down by the quart right now is fantastic. You should try some.

You know what?  Excellent idea.  I just hope it comes in gallons…