Los Links 9/23

Lots of amazing stuff this week, my darlings. You’ll notice quite a few things highlighted in bold, and I do hope you read all those, but don’t stop there! There’s so much win in this week’s selections that I could’ve bolded nearly all of them.


The New Civil Rights Movement: DADT: Gay 88-Year Old WWII Vet Speaks On Repeal Of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

New York Times: Marines Hit the Ground Running in Seeking Recruits at Gay Center.

AP: Navy officer, partner wed in Vt. as ban ends.

Troy Davis

White Coat Underground: Emergency ethics post.

Observations: Eyes (and Minds) Deceive: Witness Unreliability Casts Doubt on Death Penalty Rulings.

Slate: A Killer Issue.

Bad Astronomy: The night the lights went out in Georgia.

Geotripper: The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia…and Texas Too.


Oregon Live: Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition celebrates 40 years as coastal watchdog.

Lifehacker: Forget the Standing Desk; You Just Need to Move Regularly.

Discovery News: Dinosaur Feathers Found in Amber: Photos.

National Geographic: The Beautiful Teenage Brain.

Mountain Beltway: Giant City State Park, Illinois.

Clastic Detritus: Listening to Rivers.

Bad Astronomy: Invaders from Vesta! and The Milky Way from the top of the world.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Computer gamers solve problem in AIDS research that puzzled scientists for years.

Uncovered Earth: Sometimes You Just Can’t Reach the Top.

Science Cheerleader: “I was skeptical about the Science Cheerleaders.”

Earthly Musings: My 10-Day Rafting Trip Through Grand Canyon – 2011.

NYT Scientist at Work: Northern Lights on the Midnight Watch.

Atomic-O-Licious: An Open Letter of Apology to my Organic Chemistry Students.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Tangle Two Lines of Thought and Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Breadth of knowledge is essential.

Wired Science: Q&A: The Unappreciated Benefits of Dyslexia.

Bad Archaeology: I remember why I’ve never wanted satellite television.

Oscillator: Allergy Recapitulates Phylogeny.

The Guardian: Another view on the new Feist album Metals.

Not Necessarily Geology: Pillow Basalt, Bencorragh.

Rapid Uplift: Geological Framework Of the Sikkim Earthquake.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: So you think you’ve found a meteorite.

Science-Based Medicine: Scientific American Mind Is Not So Scientific.

Southern Fried Science: In sexual selection and thermoregulation, bigger is better, at least for fiddler crabs.

Boundary Vision: Students don’t lose their ability to think scientifically.

JPL: Aquarius Yields NASA’s First Global Map of Ocean Salinity.

A Blog Around the Clock: The Mighty Ant-Lion.

Speakeasy Science: Dr. Oz and the Arsenic Thing.

Grist: Oceans kept the last decade from being even hotter.

Dinosaur Tracking: Cretaceous Utah’s New, Switchblade-Clawed Predator.

The Scientist: Plant RNAs Found in Mammals.

Degrees of Freedom: Archimedes and Euclid? Like String Theory versus Freshman Calculus.

Surprising Science: Biologist Rob Dunn: Why I Like Science.

Scientific American: Urban Geology: Artists Investigate Where Cities and Natural Cycles Intersect.

Scientific American: It’s Not That Easy Being Green, but Many Would Like to Be.

The Scicurious Brain: One injection makes you older…

Volcan01010: Farmyard Geomorphology.

Respectful Insolence: Reiki: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you can get what you need.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Pinnacle in the Piedmont.

Observations: Hackers Use Open Hardware to Solve Environmental Problems.

Evergreen Public Schools: Evergreen Public Schools Names new school Henrietta lacks Health and BioScience High School.

Terra Sigillata: Kitchen Chemistry: Rose Jelly. Sweet!

History of Geology: Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions.

Geotripper: You Betcha, it’s Breccia: Some Otherworldly Pictures.


The Creative Penn: Trunk Novels Are An Endangered Species.

The Buttry Diary: ‘He said, she said’ stories fail to seek the truth and report it.

Terrible Minds: Writers Hear that All-Too-Familiar Refrain: ‘Get a Real Job’.

Mitali’s Fire Escape: How To Write Fiction Without The “Right” Ethnic Credentials.

Write to Publish: Branding #3…product vs. author brand.

Take As Directed: Trine Tsouderos on This Week in Virology: When do you fact-check article content with sources?

Password Incorrect: Ebook Specific Cover Design: #2 – Size and Resolution.

Digital Book World: Best Practices For Amazon Ebook Sales.

Atheism and Religion

This Week in Christian Nationalism: A New Ending for an Old Spam Email.

Think Atheist: My Testimony (my journey to atheism).

Unscientific Malaysia: Why atheists must not be silent.

I Heart Chaos: Christian fourth grade textbook, tries to explain electricity but just gives up.

Why Evolution is True: The ugly, vicious, fanatical side of atheism.

BBC: Al-Shabab radio gives weapons prize to Somali children.

Butterflies and Wheels: Don’t think, just live.

ABC Religion and Ethics: Is the Australian Christian Lobby dominionist?

Shouts & Murmurs: God’s Blog.

Women’s Issues

Another Feminist Blog: Boundaries.

Firedoglake: Sluts Are Asking the Right Question about Rape.

Almost Diamonds: “Consent Is Hard” and MRA Says, “Yep, We’re Domestic Abusers”.

Strange Ink: Let’s talk about sex.

Man Boobz: Violence against women? Blame it on feminism, says W. F. Price.

Downlo: A Useful Rape Analogy.

BBC: ‘My cousin wanted me for a passport’.

Madison Magazine: Why Doesn’t She Just Leave?

Butterflies and Wheels: We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot.

The F Word: On Tom Martin’s campaign to sue LSE.

MSN CA: Is this the most annoying thing a man can do to a woman?

Biodork: Fighting Kindness with Kindness.

Camels with Hammers: Be Careful About Loving Women Too Much Lest Other Guys Think You’re Gay.


Spocko’s Brain: No Brains. No Heart. The Tea Party/CNN debate.

Firedoglake: Woman Who Watched Her Brother Die From Lack of Insurance Delivers Powerful Rebuttal to GOP.

Balloon Juice: The Modern Inquisition, Starring David Brooks in the Role of Phlogiston Man.

Think Progress: Texas GOP Rep On Cuts To Family Planning: ‘Of Course This Is A War On Birth Control’.

Decrepit Old Fool: “You get what you pay for” – third in a series of things we used to say.

MoveOn.org: The Elizabeth Warren Quote Every American Needs To See.

White Coat Underground: Death cult.

Salon: A real Wall Street takeover threat.

Duluth News Tribune: Sam Cook: Big, bad government sure helped during fire.

War is a Crime: Welcome to Boston, Mr. Rumsfeld. You Are Under Arrest.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars: On the Internet, Everyone is a Criminal.

Society and Culture

The Telegraph: Animal rights group PETA to launch pornography website.

Gawker: The Wall Street Journal Wonders: Should We Let Blacks Marry Whites?

Dangerous Minds: Another heartbreaking gay teen suicide.

New York Times: Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World.

Charlotte Observer: Same-sex marriage ballot skips words.

Pam’s House Blend: Will the Catholic Church declare war on Obama over gay equality?

On Top Magazine: North Carolina’s James Forrester Tells Lesbian Mom To Move To New York.

Have a Heart of Fire, Have a Heart of Gold: On understanding.


Almost Diamonds: Pseudonymous Service.

And, finally, two of the sweetest compliments I’ve ever had:

Watershed Hydrogeology Blog: About the best compliment I could get (or, why blogging is worthwhile).

Clastic Detritus: What Rocks: The Week’s Best In the Geoblogosphere.

Los Links 9/16

All right, people. Stop writing awesome stuff I feel compelled to read. Actually, don’t stop, but do allow me to throw my hands up in despair. I need another me who does nothing but read cool shit on the interwebz and can download the results directly into my brain.

Anyway. There’s this one post I have to put right up here, because it’s about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and it’s utterly terrifying, enthralling, and some of the best writing I’ve yet seen.

Outside: Totally Psyched for the Full-Rip Nine.

And now, on with the rest of teh awesome.


Anthropology in Practice: Pieces of the Human Evolutionary Puzzle: Who Was Australopithecus sediba?

Context and Variation: Menstruation is just blood and tissue you ended up not using.

Andrew Alden: Dietary Minerals and Real Minerals.

Obsidian Wings: A brook, run, creek, branch, or stream runs through it.

Glacial Till: The Molalla River, Oregon.

Scientific American: Wire Up Your Sense of Smell: How the Internet Is Changing the World of Perfumery.

Arya M. Sharma, MD: Should We Outsource Obesity Treatment To Weight Watchers?

Atomic-o-licious: The Smell of it.

Guardian: The versatility of science graduates should be celebrated not criticised.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: O is for Ooid.

Uncovered Earth: Sunday Science Photos, September 4 – 10.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: The Hayabusa mission to Itokawa.

Denison Geoblog: Flint Ridge, Ohio.

Scientific American: Nile Crocodile Found to Comprise Two Different Species.

Butterflies and Science: Butterflies and Social Science.

The Atlantic: The Dark Side of the Placebo Effect: When Intense Belief Kills.

Clastic Detritus: Seafloor Sunday #89: Photo From the Deepest Part of the Ocean.

American Rivers: The importance of small streams.

Galileo’s Pendulum: A Planet With Two Suns.

The SciencePunk Blog: Five iconic science images, and why they’re wrong. (This solar system scale model is a bit more realistic.)

Scientific American: How to Improve Your Life with Story Editing.

Highly Allochthonous: One recipe for flooding: Take a tropical cyclone and add steep topography.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: The Situation Is in the Mindset of the Observer and Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: The Power of Public Opinion.

My Modern Met: Town Squeezed Between Giant Boulders.

Metageologist: What you ought to know about metamorphism.

Cosmic Variance: Trusting Experts.

The Conversation: Diamond planets, climate change and the scientific method.

Scientific American: Peace of Mind: Near-Death Experiences Now Found to Have Scientific Explanations.

Decrepit Old Fool: The alien menace.

Geotripper: Vagabonding across the 39th Parallel: A Canyon Along The Colorado River? Really?

Earth Literally: Dynamic Topography: What’s in a name?

Strange Maps: 531 – A Rio Runs Through It: Naming the American Stream.

Anthropology in Practice: On My Shelf: Geologic City (A Review).

Matt Kutcha: Mineral Cleavage Test.

Mountain Beltway: A dismaying course, part II: evolution  and Clinker.

Skepchick: Guest Post: Birdchick – Are sea eagles coming after your children?

Not Necessarily Geology: Folded Lakes Marble.

The Last Word on Nothing: Guest Post: Part of Me Forever.

Outside the Interzone: Volcanic Ramblings Part 3: Salt Creek Falls.


Pub Rants: In The Author’s Shoes.

LitReactor: Interesting new tool for writers, might be worth subscribing to.

The Coffee-Stained Writer: Fiction Friday: getting into your characters’ heads.

Nieman Storyboard: Story, interrupted: why we need new approaches to digital narrative.

Bob Mayer’s Blog: Marketing and Indie Authors: Our Successful Release of The Jefferson Allegiance.

The Book Deal: What authors can learn from the bestseller lists.

The Passive Voice: Is There Anything That Can Take the Pain Out of Ebook Formatting?

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post from Bella Andre (aka Lucy Kevin) (aka Bella Riley).

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: From St. Martins, to Self Publishing, to Amazon: Q&A With Barry Eisler.

Write It Forward: The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors.

Terrible Minds: Twenty-Sided Troubadours: Why Writers Should Play Roleplaying Games.

Genreville: Authors Say Agents Try to “Straighten” Gay Characters in YA.

Atheism and Religion

***Dave Does the Blog: Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone … but he doesn’t live long without it, either.

Lousy Canuck: Why don’t atheists just shut up and stay home? (a repost) and What is an ad hominem? What isn’t?

Oregon Live: Another faith-healing death of a child puts Oregon City parents on trial.

Camels With Hammers: A Living Illustration of the Problem With Trying To Love The Gay Person But Hate Her Gayness and How Religious Bullying Makes Atheists So Angry: One New Atheist’s Story.

On Humanity, Naturally: Concerns About the Religious Right Are Not Overblown.

Women’s Issues

White Coat Underground: A trick question.

Jezebel: County Attorney Accused Of Making Rape Jokes, Ignoring Child Porn.

Emily L. Hauser – In My Head: “Like a girl” – yes, again.

The Guardian: As the Topman T-shirts show, misogyny is now so commonplace it’s mundane.

The Guardian: Let’s get this straight. Gender studies isn’t about ‘women good, men bad’.

Slate: The Girl Scouts’ Allegedly Radical Feminist Lesbian Agenda.

The Daily Beast: Women: The Invisible Poor.

Science Sushi: Observations: Why do women cry? Obviously, it’s so they don’t get laid.

Ynet News: Cadets dismissed over woman’s song.

National Postdoctoral Association: A Postdoc’s Guide to Pregnancy and Maternity Leave.

ABC News: Forever 21′s ‘Allergic to Algebra’ Shirt Draws Criticism.

Almost Diamonds: And Then You Wait.

Gamasutra: Gamazon: ‘Feminist Whore’ Powers Activate.


ThinkProgress: GOP Legislator: Homosexuality Is ‘More Dangerous’ Than Terrorist Attacks Because We Have To Deal With It Every Day.

Paul Krugman: Setting Their Hair on Fire.

Wisconsin Gazette: GOP memo instructs DMV workers not to tell voters that photo IDs are free.

Thoughts from Kansas: Why science questions matter for candidates.

Media Matters: Murdoch’s U.S. Hacking Woes Grow.

Washington Post: Bachmann’s wrongheaded attack on HPV vaccinations.

White Coat Underground: Ignorance, beatified.

Almost Diamonds: Emily for Elizabeth.

***Dave Does the Blog: Lying Talking Points for the 2012 Election (Collect the Whole Set!).

Newser: Debate Crowd Cheers Letting Uninsured Die.

The Dish: Republicanism As Religion.

Politco: GOP grumbles about jobs plan.

Grits for Breakfast: From the off-topic irony department: Fire Follies.


Bioephemera: Pseudonymity: Five Reasons the New Scienceblogs/NG Policy is Misguided.

Society and Culture

Decrepit Old Fool: Dan Savage at Illinois State University.

Stories from the Heartland: Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit.

Jay Rosen’s Press Think: We Have No Idea Who’s Right: Criticizing “he said, she said” journalism at NPR.

Def Shepherd: Why A Heterosexual, Married, North Carolinian Father Of Three Cares About LGBT Equality.

Pam’s House Blend: Bible-beating Kentucky lawmaker wants to pass a bill to protect anti-gay bullies.

Mike the Mad Biologist: “Why the HELL Didn’t He KEEP HER IN THE HOSPITAL?” and Why Low-Income Parents Rationally Choose Failing Schools.

Foreign Policy: Got Cheap Milk?

The Mary Sue: How To Have An Awesome Wedding: Do it With Dinosaurs.

The Washington Examiner: You have a right to record the police.

Danger Room: How to Beat Terrorism: Refuse to Be Terrorized.

HamdenRice: Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did.

Los Links 9/9

Slightly less links than usual, I’m afraid. But some great stuff in here. Do enjoy!


Deshler Photography: Hurricane Irene – Record Flooding in Vermont.


Speakeasy Science: Et tu, Science Magazine?

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Imagination.

Almost Diamonds: Humor Study Is Funny Peculiar.

Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: Are men really funnier than women? Who’s asking?

Looking for Detachment: Report on an Afterwork Field Trip.

Mountain Beltway: Friday fold: duplex structure in the gastropod limestone and A dismaying course, part I: climate change.

The Open Source Paleontologist: How do you read the literature? Thoughts on academic maturation.

The Thoughtful Animal: Animal Imagination: The Dog That Pretended to Feed a Frog (and Other Tales).

White Coat Underground: You’re all gonna die!

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Sliced, diced and weathered.

Life as a Geologist: Kinky Columns.

AnimalWise: The “Yellow Snow” Test.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: N is for Nummulite.

The Last Word on Nothing: Guest Post: Microscope, DIY, 3 Minutes.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Bacteria use electric wires to shock uranium out of groundwater and Hummingbirds dive to sing with their tails.

Uncovered Earth: Geoblogging the Northwest.

Macworld: FTC: No, your smartphone can’t heal acne.

Scientific American: How Accurate Are Memories of 9/11?

Quest: Local Geological State Parks to Close.

Ars Technica: Why my fellow physicists think they know everything (and why they’re wrong).

New York Times: Where Early Dinosaurs Lived, Deal Expands a National Park.

Scientific American: What We Know about Black Holes.

Culturing Science: On vaccines: scientists can’t stop doing science because of crazy people.

History of Geology: September 2, 1806: The landslide of Goldau.


Mad Genius Club: He Beats Me But He’s My Publisher.

Galley Cat: How Publishers & Authors Can Use SoundCloud.

Janet Reid, Literary Agent: Pitch versus query.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Not Caring.

Dear Author: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About.

The Creative Penn: How To Write Fight Scenes With Alan Baxter.

Atheism and Religion

Choice in Dying: The Bishop of Swindon is an Ass.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Diplomacy and Accomodationism Are Not The Same Thing.

The Meming of Life: The power of two.

Almost Diamonds: We Are Indeed on a Slippery Slope.

New Statesman: What would Jesus ban?

Women’s Issues

Butterflies and Wheels: How to patronize the wimminz.

JAYFK: Oh No They Didn’t: JC Penney still missing the mark.

Feministing: Finally a beer just for women!

RH Reality Check: Court Victory in South Dakota’s Misinformed Consent Law.

Almost Diamonds: Women Can Teach; You Just Can’t Be Obliged to Listen.

Skepticlawyer: Miss Manners and playing the victim.

Tiger Beatdown: CHRONICLES OF MANSPLAINING: Professor Feminism and the Deleted Comments of Doom and “Elitism:” Now, It Basically Just Means “Not Having Sex With Everybody”.

Whatever: Shut Up and Listen.

Love Joy Feminism: Men and Women in Christian Patriarchy: Masters and Slaves or Equals?


Grist: Conservative pundits grapple with ‘anti-science’ charge, flail.

Talking Points Memo: Columnist: Registering Poor To Vote ‘Like Handing Out Burglary Tools To Criminals’.

Forever in Hell: Skin in the Game.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Is 12,000 Lives Worth a Re-Election? Because People Have to Breathe This Crap.

Political Carnival: Tea bagger to TPC reader: You’re “less than human because your husband is half Hispanic & half Irish.

The Telegraph: Jon Huntsman, the lone voice of scientific sanity in the US Republican Presidential race.

Grist: Rick Perry: Just because global warming is a ‘fact’ doesn’t mean it’s real and Even Tea Partiers don’t think environmental protection kills jobs.

Decrepit Old Fool: The Galileo Gambit; rule number one is…

Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: Science, The Tea Party and The Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Pam’s House Blend: Per Save California, Gay Activists Are “Kidnapping The Brains Of Our Kids”.

Guardian News Blog: Is Rick Perry a 21st-century Galileo?

Bad Astronomy: Republican candidates, global warming, evolution, and reality.

Mother Jones: Audio: Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab.

Society and Culture 

Time: Beware of the Gonzo Nature-TV Presenter.

Pull My Finger: Dumbest. Blog. Ever.

New York Times: On Flood Plain, Pondering Wisdom of Rebuilding Anew.

The Hermitage: In which Hermitage is a pissy black person.

Lifehacker: How I Got My Stolen Laptop Back Within 24 Hours Using Prey.

Stupid Evil Bastard: Beware cold calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft about problems with your computer.

Inside Higher Ed: A Dissenter Is Fired.

Lousy Canuck: Al, why haven’t I leaped yet!?


Bob Blakley: Google+ Can Be A Social Network Or The Name Police – Not Both.

All Things D: Superman vs. Google+ (Comic).

Los Links 9/2

Another week, another passel o’ links. Funny. Somehow, I’d felt that I hadn’t done much reading this past week. Apparently I was wrong…


Grist: Global warming will make future hurricanes worse, full stop and U.S. Navy’s wave-power buoy plays chicken with Irene, wins.

The New Yorker: Vermont Floods: A Bad Day for Baal.

ThinkProgress: Eric Cantor Won’t Support Any Hurricane Disaster Funding Without Massive Cuts To First Responders.

Mike the Mad Biologist: GOP Response to Hurricane Irene: Take More Hostages.

Guardian: Hurricane Irene or Britain adopting misogynistic attitudes: I know which I find scarier.

Kate Messner: After Irene: A small-town Adirondack library needs your help.

Slobber and Spittle: Call it a PSA and Are You Afraid Yet? 

Virginia Earthquake

Mountain Beltway: Damage to the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Washington Post: Five myths about earthquakes.


Glacial Till: One Year Blogiversray of Glacial Till and Meteorite Monday: Shergottites.

The Dynamic Earth: Backup Amazon (in case the other one breaks?).

Scientific American: Diamond World Discovered By Astronomers.

Professor Astronomy: A diamond planet? I dunno..

Dinosaur Tracking: An Ode to Archaeopteryx.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The lost plague – London graveyards suggest that Black Death strain may be extinct and Bacteria: resisting antibiotics since at least 30,000 BC.

ABQJournal: Study: American Indians May Be More Affected by Climate Change.

Research Digest: The woman misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and how we can all be affected by the suggestion that we have psychological problems.

National Groundwater Association: Protect Your Groundwater Day.

DC’s Improbable Science: A thoroughly dangerous charity: YesToLife promotes nonsense cancer treatments.

Gary Schwitzer’s HealthNewsReview Blog: NBC urges women >40 to ask about CRP test – something not supported by evidence.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: M is for Migmatite.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Ropy pahoehoe on a biogenic beach.

NASA Earth Observatory: Why I love Geologists.

Science Sushi: Observations: Tuna and Mythbusting 101: Sharks will cure cancer.

Grist: Fox News viewers ‘confused’ by Bill Nye, science in general.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Perspective Is Everything, Details Alone Are Nothing.

Superbug: Borders are Irrelevant: Polio Returns to China and Antibiotic Prescribing to Kids — Down, But Still Too Much.

Scientific American: The Bearable Closeness of Being: Why Cities Create Community.

The Scicurious Brain: Muscle fatigue may be all in your head.

The Dynamic Earth: Drilling for Oil…in the Everglades?

Forbes: Can Our Pruney Fingers Help Us Build Better Rain Treads?

Myrmecos: A mural on moth wings.

Cosmic Variance: Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time.

Gizmodo: First Quantum Computer Simulator Operates at the Speed of Light.

Bad Astronomy: No, a new study does not show cosmic-rays are connected to global warming.

Andrew Alden: Higher Profile for Geoforensics.

Think Progress: Scientist: “The Murdoch Media Empire Has Cost Humanity Perhaps One or Two Decades in Battle Against Climate Change.”

Respectful Insolence: The ultimate homeopathic remedy.


My Own Brand of Madness: Going Indie – Is it worth it?

The Book Designer: Independent Publishing: That’s Evolution!

Confessions of a Science Librarian: On the evilness of the emerging ebook app ecosystem.

The Writing Bomb: Letter to the Beginning Indie Author.

The Passive Voice: Ebook Formatting Red Flags, Writers who oppose agency pricing aren’t acting in their own self-interest, and How to Misunderstand a Contract.

Compound Eye: Creative Commons Is Not Public Domain.

Barry Hutchinson: Meeting Neil Gaiman.

Melissa Walker: Cover Stories: Wintering Well.

Almost Diamonds: The Love of Problematic Literature.

Nieman Journalism Lab: Amazon’s new @author feature launches, and changes (just a bit) what a book is all about.

Patricia C. Wrede: Telling details vs. clutter.

The Book Designer: 5 Great Fonts for Book Covers.

Nathan Bransford: On the Internet There Is No Such Thing as a Brand. There Is Only You.

Atheism and Religion

Alternet: Are Michele Bachmann’s Views About ‘Christian Submission’ Even More Extreme Than She’s Letting On?

Why Evolution is True: An atheist who almost believes in God.

Almost Diamonds: The Accommodationism Challenges.

Open Parachute: Martydom of the priveliged.

mlkshk: Norse Crisis flowchart (source link at bottom).

Pharyngula: As an American Atheist, I am disgusted by the 9/11 coloring book.

The Spirited Atheist: College too late, too little for secular studies in America.

Life on the Hill: I’m Coming Out.

Women’s Issues

Guardian: It isn’t girls who need to watch their words.

Alternet: How I Escaped the “Biblical Family Values” Nightmare That Drives Perry, Bachmann, and Tea Party Politics.

Skepchick: Too Pretty To Do Homework.

XX Factor: Some Good News for Pro-Choicers.

Guardian: Rick Perry’s demeaning abortion doctrine.

The Smart Set: Old Boys Club.

Laurie Hale Anderson: District that tried to ban SPEAK accused of covering up rapes.

Rethinking Vision Forum: Why I Wish I Went to College.


A Leaf Warbler’s Gleanings: Science and Democracy in the Arab Spring and American Fall.

Paul Krugman: Republicans Against Science.

Mother Jones: The Right, Anti-bacterials, and the “Nanny State”.

Margaret and Helen: Who has the better bouffant?

Rolling Stone: The GOP War on Voting.

Butterflies and Wheels: The history of dissident thought.

Culture of Science: On The Privilege To Serve This Country.

Scientific American: Can Politicians be Trusted with Science?


GigaOm: It’s official: Google wants to own your online identity.

Lauren Weinstein’s Blog: Real Names, Guilt, Self-Censorship, and the Identity War.

Guardian: Google Plus forces us to discuss identity.

Society and Culture

Loudoun Times: Potomac Falls woman removed from son’s Boy Scout troop.

Almost Diamonds: Male Rape Victims: Let’s Talk About the Men.

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub: Quote of the moment: Diane Ravitch, history won’t be kind to those who attacked teachers.

On Liberty: “Racial Profiling First Hand”.

BBC: After the sludge: Rebuilding Hungary’s towns.

Salon: Confessions of a bad teacher.

NeuroTribes: Dear United Airlines: I Want My Kindle, and My Dignity, Back.

New York Times: How to Fix Our Math Education.

Teddy Partridge: Jury Unable to Reach Verdict in Gay Student’s Killing — UPDATE: Mistrial.

CNN: West Virginia learns Finland’s ‘most honorable profession’: Teacher.

On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: Unclench Your Butthole Before You Talk About Bias.

Hudson Valley Geologist: Good quote on education.

The New Civil Rights Movement: Student Of Anti-Gay Florida Teacher Jerry Buell Speaks Out – Exclusive!

Los Links 8/23

Whelp, I managed to catch up on all the blog reading I’d missed whilst adventuring. It wasn’t easy, as it was interrupted by long periods of unconsciousness. Exercise makes you energetic my arse.

It’s been quite the week, what with an earthquake on the East Coast and a hurricane ditto and Nymwars heating up and all. I’ve added an extra-special Nymwars section, since it’s beginning to seem ‘nyms are second only to atheists in the hated-by-society department. I think it’s because companies think people with pseudonyms don’t spend money and some very unobservant people think that folks never do or say anything nasty under their real names. I hope these delusions are only temporary, but in the interests of not killing brain matter by oxygen starvation, I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve not had time (as per usual) for snappy little descriptions, but I’ve bolded a few pieces of especial interest for those without time to read everything. Some beautiful, evocative, and thought-stimulating posts came across my stream last week. I hope you all enjoy!

Virginia Earthquake

Paleoseismicity.org: The Wednesday Centerfault (8) – Virginia M5.8 Earthquake.

Washington Post: For central Virginia’s seismic zone, quake is an event of rare magnitude.

Slate: Is Washington as Earthquake-Proof as Los Angeles?

ABC13: Seismologists From Virginia Tech Talk Earthquake.

Buzz Feed: 20 Stunning Photos Of The Damage Caused By The East Coast Earthquake.

Mountain Beltway: The Mineral, VA earthquake of August 23, 2011, Cracking up and Aftershocks.

Bad Astronomy: What’s with all these earthquakes?

Scientific American: A “sixth sense” for earthquake prediction? Give me a break!

Clastic Detritus: Snapshot of Seismic Waves Traveling Across Virginia.

CNN: Why quake rang like a bell.

Eruptions: NYC Earthquakicane Armageddon: Random distibutions and the folly of correlation.


Glacial Till: How a small Oregon town continues to teach me about geology and Meteorite Monday: Sikhote-Alin Meteorite.

Neatoshop: Poorly-Punctuated Equilibrium.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: L is for Lepidolite.

The Loom: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Death threats for scientists?

White Coat Underground: Dr. Pal, why do you love Big Pharma so? and When a “scientific study” is neither.

Superbug: Cost of Compassion: Drug Resistance in Military Hospitals.

Speakeasy Science: At the Door of the Loony Gas Building and Of Dead Bodies and Dirty Streets.

The Scientist: An Unlichenly Pair.

Lounge of the Lab Lemming: Mass–independent isotopic fractionation.

Scientific American: Don’t Just See, Observe: What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us About Mindful Decisions.

Laelaps: Chain, Chain, Chain… Chain of Food.

Scientific American: Eyewitness Testimony Loses Legal Ground in State Supreme Court.

Culture Lab: When all you can smell is your brain.

Neuron Culture: Reef Madness 10: Darwin’s Earthquake.

History of Geology: Earthquakey Times.

Scientific American: Modern Rivers Shaped By Trees.

Wired Science: Clever Dolphins Use Shells to Catch Fish.

The Last Word on Nothing: Science Metaphors (cont): Resonance.

History of Geology: Cities and Geological Risk.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Nanotechnologists Are Targets of Unabomber Copycat, Alarming Universities.

ScienceNews: Asteroid sample nails meteorite source.

Reuters: America is losing another generation to science illiteracy.

The Dynamic Earth: Sole-Saving Sed Structure Sunday!

Life, Unbounded: Pitch Black: The (almost) dark truth about hot Jupiters.


The Coffee-Stained Writer: The Land of Misfit Words.

Tobias Buckell: Writers and pellets.

Indie Author: Ebook Madness: Don’t Confuse Ebook Conversion With Ebook Formatting!

The Coffee-Stained Writer: The world is your classroom.

Patricia C. Wrede: Deeper still.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: What’s Wrong With Sex?

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: RIP the Author Book Tour—and why you shouldn’t be sad to see it go.

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: How to Make Your Reader Cry: Anatomy of a Death Scene.

The Scicurious Brain: High Fructose Corn Syrup: Much Maligned? Or the Devil’s Food Cake?

Women’s Issues

The Poke: Best Twitter apology this week.

On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: Your Home Birth is Not a Feminist Statement and In Reply to Kate Clancy…

Context and Variation: Why do those who advocate home birth feel the way they do?

DrugMonkey: Home Birther Logic. or “Logic” actually.

Thus Spake Zuska: What Function Does Denial Serve?

The Spandrel Shop: Is there a dark side to the breast feeding movement?

Whizbang: Better Late Than Never.

JAYFK: FFS: Ladies, your vagina is just fine.

Adam Serwer: The Nice Guy And The Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Religion and Atheism

Butterflies and Wheels: Can you call your husband ‘Lord’?

Utne Reader: Look God, No Hands.

Paula Kirby: Evolution threatens Christianity.


Anil Dash: What they’re “protecting” us from.

Culture of Science: When Facts Don’t Agree With Your Political Bias, Fire The Scientists.

Mike the Mad Biologist: The Left Does “Give a Fig About Science”–For Its Own Sake.

Guardian: The Tea Party moves to ban books.

Almost Diamonds: We Can Have Better.

The Weekly Sift: One Word Turns the Tea Party Around.

The Nation: Michele Bachmann, Wife in Chief?

Grist: Why Michele Bachmann thinks she can get gas under $2 a gallon.


I Speak of Dreams: A Public Servant, Blogging and Tweeting Under His Own Name, Has Been Silenced By His Employers.

The Skeptical Lawyer: Lessons from EpiRen: do public employees have free speech rights?

Respectful Insolence: The consequences of blogging under one’s own name.

PulpTech: Google Plus: Too Much Unnecessary Drama.

Gizmodo: Google’s Real Names Policy Is Evil.

On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess: What’s In A Name?

White Coat Underground: The death of pseudonyms? Not so fast…

The Atlantic: All Hail Anonymity.

Society and Culture

Food Safety News: Asian Honey, Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves.

Crooks and Liars: It’s Time for a Pro-Quality-of-Life Movement.

Guardian: Vietnam’s rice bowl threatened by rising seas.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Eco-labelled fish may be unsustainably fished, or the wrong species.

Superbug: Food Safety in China, and the Risk to the U.S.

AlterNet: Schools Nationwide Cutting Down to 4 Days a Week, Because Wealthy Refuse to Pay Fair Share.

The Portland Mercury: The $1 Million Twitter Fight.

Almost Diamonds: Why Should I Pay for Your Health Insurance.

Naked Capitalism: How Chase Ruined Lives of People Who Paid Off Their Mortgages.

Los Angeles Times: Take back the liberal arts.

The Express Tribune: Obituary of liberal-secularism — I

Los Links 8/19

I’ve spent the better part of a week traveling, seeing incredible things, and fighting hotel wi-fi. Now Aunty Flow’s here, I’m virtually comatose, and the cat wants all the cuddles she missed. That’s why your links are late. They still contain some damned awesome stuff, so as long as you’re not engaged in a week o’ mad travel, check ’em out.


Open Mind: Learning from Bastardi’s Mistakes.

Outside the Interzone: The Imperative of Questions.

Updates from the Paleontology Lab: George Washington, canals, and geology.

Science Daily: Unusual Fault Pattern Surfaces in Earthquake Study.

Tetrapod Zoology: Prediction confirmed: plesiosaurs were viviparous.

Psi-Vid: A few notes about SCIENTISTS for those attending ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’…

Galactic Interactions: In Which I Compare the Slashdot Commentariat to the 17th-Century Catholic Church.

The Upturned Microscope: Lab Tour 2.

Los Angeles Times: Dear Parents: Why vaccines are vital.

Deep-Sea News: Scaring the $#!& Out of Lampreys.

The Economist: Silence is Golden.

APS Observer: The Psychology and Power of False Confessions.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: K is for Krakatau.

Anthropology in Practice: Scent of a Woman.

Geotripper: Vagabonding across the 39th Parallel: Mono Lake, the Barren, Worthless Wasteland.

Scientific American: Biologist Spending Way Too Much Time Thinking about Discovery He Made on Jon Stewart’s Body.

Speaking of Research: Project Nim – The Untold Story.

Eruptions: Volcanic or not volcanic: The “steaming hills” of Santa Barbara are not volcanic.

Superbug: How a US Court Case Explains Problems Eradicating Polio.

Science Sushi: In the immortal words of Tom Petty: “I won’t back down”.

Science-Based Medicine: Oh yeah? Thalidomide! Where’s your science now? and Homeopathic Thuggery.

The Loom: Fatal Attraction: Sex, Death, Parasites, and Cats.

Cocktail Party Physics: Crosstown Traffic.

Dinosaur Tracking: Dinosaurs for Experts, or for Everyone?

White Coat Underground: Dear Patient.

The Scicurious Brain: City Living and your Mental Health: Is city living driving you crazy?

Mountain Beltway: Hiking to the Burgess Shale and Swift Dam.

Atheism and Religion

Guardian: Christian teen camps are wicked, innit.

Furious Purpose: On theology.

Friendly Atheist: No, *This* Is How We Get More Black People Involved in the Atheist Movement.

Mother Jones: Horror Stories From Tough-Love Teen Homes.


Slate: Bloggers, Not Parasites.

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: Yes, Reading About Edward Cullen Will Make You Sparkle.

EurekAlert: Women’s quest for romance conflicts with scientific pursuits, study finds.

The Intern: too many agents, not enough gin: the truth about multiple offer situations.

The Passive Voice: PG is Hanging Out His Shingle.

Writer Beware Blogs: Taking Famous Names in Vain.

WriteOnCon: I DON’T CARE THAT HE’S HOT: Building Believable Romance.

Patricial C. Wrede: Depth.

Women’s Issues

Butterflies and Wheels: This has always been our battles.

(A)Theologies: Does Atheism Have a Misogyny Problem?

Dr. Jen Gunther: Cosmo’s sex position of the day proves they know nothing about good sex or women.


TPM: Anti-Gay Marriage State Rep. Accused Of Offering Young Male Money ‘For A Really Good Time’.

The Digital Cuttlefish: Hinkle, Hinkle…

Center for American Progress: What You Need When You’re Poor.

Mike the Mad Biologist: So Is Standard & Poor’s Still Rating Cows?

Firedoglake: The Enlightenment in the US Faces Slow Demise.

Pandagon: The illusion of control.

New York Times: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich.

Stupid Evil Bastard: There’s finally a group that’s hated more than Atheists: The Tea Party.

ThinkProgress: Texas Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe Responds To Rick Perry.

Balloon Juice: You Know Who Else Was a Socialist? Andrew Carnegie, That’s Who!

The Daily Beast: A Christian Plot for Domination?

New York Times: The Texas Unmiracle.

Society and Culture

Boston.com: A sober lesson that seems to stick.

Plugged In: Rail-to-Trail Revitalization.

Badass of the Week: Rukhsana Kauser.

KGW.com: $1M Columbia Gorge house replaced with trail.

Colorlines: Arizona Border Fence Causes Flood and Self-Destructs—as Predicted.

ABC: Berlin Wall Turns 50 — and Some Want to Rebuild It, Barbed Wire and All.

Gobbledygook: Personal names around the world.

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub: History and economics of energy use and conservation – a more accurate version.

io9: Real-world policy experts weigh in on rebuilding a post-Voldemort society and When did magic become elitist?

Gas 2.0: Thorium-Powered Car Could Drive a Million Miles Before Refueling.

Decrepit Old Fool: Nothing to Undo.

Courthouse News Service: School District Blocks Gay-Friendly Websites But Not Gay-Bashing Sites, Groups Claim.

Techdirt: Police Say They Can Detain Photographers If Their Photographs Have ‘No Apparent Esthetic Value’.

Gawker: Bridal Shop Refuses to Sell a Lesbian a Wedding Gown.

DrugMonkey: Pseudonymous blogging at Science Blogs is over.

Los Links 8/12

It’s been a rather bizarre week, and I was left with far too much reading undone. Got a few nice things for ye, at least, enough to keep you good and unproductive on a Monday. Enjoy!

London Riots

Mind Hacks: Riot psychology and When explaining becomes a sin.

The Atlantic Wire: It’s a Pattern: London Rioters Are Leaving Bookstores Untouched.


Glacial Till: Space science roundup and Aluminium, Alzheimer’s and Cranks.

County Fair: A Fox News Science Lesson.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Need to feed could have driven single cells to evolve into colonies.

Myrmecos: The Bee Dance Language Explained (At Last!).

Scientific American: It’s about Time: Animals remember past events in their lives.

The Thoughtful Animal: Guest Post! It’s About Time: Delving Into Animals’ Memories.

PhysOrg.com: Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought.

MIT News: New drug could cure nearly any viral infection.

Neurotic Physiology: Another reason those Antidepressants might not be working: taken Aspirin lately?

White Coat Underground: Spider!

Outside the Interzone: Volcanic Ramblings.

Science-Based Medicine: The Scam Scam.

In the Pipeline: In Which We Learn Lots About Wine Swirling.

KGW.com: Undersea fiber optic lines to track OR quakes.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Pregnant plesiosaur with giant foetus hints at caring parents.

Scientific American: “Alternative Evolution” of Dinosaurs Foresaw Contemporary Paleo Finds [Slide Show].

Capital Weather Gang: Dramatic videos: Glacier calving in Alaska, ice shelf in Antarctica.

Compound Eye: Organic Honey Is A Sweet Illusion.

Scientific American: Genetically Engineered Crops—What, How and Why.

Degrees of Freedom: Fox Commentator Distorts Physics.


Rachelle Gardner: Questionable Practices by Literary Agents.

Nail Your Novel: Self-publish or small publishing house? How to decide.

Write to Publish: Discoverability…picking the right title.

Aetiology: It’s not a freaking spider bite.

Atheism and Religion

Pandagon: Diversity, skepticism, and atheism.

California Catholic Daily: “I will not recant”.

Women’s Issues

Butterflies and Wheels: Crazy American bitches.

Cackleofradness: The elevator incident(s).

Feministing: What Argument Against The Renewed ERA Could Feminists Face?


Whiskey Fire: SpongeBob HitlerPants.

Mother Jones: What the New York Times Got Wrong About Gay Nazis.

Think Progress: Prayer Rally Dwarfed By Texans Who Flock To Nearby Convention Center, Desperate For Free School Supplies.

Tent of Abraham: The “Liberal Media” Would Never Have Let Andrew Cuomo Get Away With This.

Slacktivist: The greatest degeneration.

Guardian: Michele Bachmann’s Iowa circus.

The New Yorker: Leap of Faith.

Annals of Emergency Medicine: A Bitter Pill: Poison Control Centers Face Deep Budget Cuts.

NYT: Rick Perry’s Unanswered Prayers.

Society and Culture

Fast Company: Kill The Myth: Incandescent Bulbs Are Not Banned.

Mother Jones: Sustainable Food Doesn’t Have To Be Elitist: Pigs Edition.

Slate: Overdone.

Almost Diamonds: God’s Design for Discrimination.

Past Imperfect: If There’s a Man Among Ye: The Tale of Pirate Queens Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

XKCD: Password Strength.

Hatewatch: Last ‘Pink Triangle’ Dies, Gay-Bashers Alive and Well.

Salon: How America turned poverty into a crime.

Social Media Collective: “If you don’t like it, don’t use it. It’s that simple.” ORLY?

Los Links 8/5

Right. So. It’s been a busy week: travel, work, sorting travel photos, recovering from travel, and then wonderful friends from long ago coming for a visit. That means Los Links is a bit thinner on the ground than usual, and once again no capsule descriptions. I know I’ve missed a ton of excellent stuff. But there’s enough to keep you busy on a Monday, I think.


RealClimate: “Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedback”.

Darwin’s Mailbag: Guillaume’s Mailbag: Why do we make odd faces when we orgasm? Part 2.

New York Times: Useless Studies, Real Harm.

Eruptions: The non-eruption at Pisgah Crater: The dangers of untrained interpretation of real-time data and Spectacular eruptions at Italy’s Etna.

The Landslide Blog: Another new video of the South Korea landslides landslides and Images of landslides from the Christchurch earthquakes part 1: boulder damage to a house.

Reading the Washington Landscape: The Bottom and Shores of Lake Missoula.

Media Matters: Fox News Confused, Baffled By The Moon.

Greg Laden’s Blog: “We can know nothing about the origin of life”.

The Loom: The ocean microbe within us.

Bad Astronomy: No, new data does not “blow a gaping hole in global warming alarmism”.

Nature News: How to design a safer chemical.

Tetrapod Zoology: Dear Telegraph: no, I did not say that about the Loch Ness monster.

XKCD: Lanes.

Decrepit Old Fool: The weirdness of the familiar.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: I is for Inselberg.

MacLeans: In the company of whales.

Uncovered Earth: A Trek Into the Crater.

Bug Girl’s Blog: Operation Cat Drop.

GeoSelim: Aquifers Properties: Porosity (n).

History of Geology: Are we doomed? and Hydrochemistry on the Rocks.

The Lay Scientist: Facebook will destroy your children’s brains.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Deader than dead: people in vegetative states are viewed as deader than corpses.

Scientific American: Chemistry Day at Scientific American Blog Network.


Poynter: 6 ways Twitter has made me a better writer.

Assignment: Impossible: From The Writer’s Desk: A Salon of the Mind.

The Passive Voice: How to Read a Book Contract – Agents and the Law and How to Hire an IP Lawyer.

Let’s Get Digital: Agents And Publishing: A Roadmap For WritersRoadmap.

Decrepit Old Fool: Indiana Jones, James Bond and Thirteen walk into a bar… (Movie review, Cowboys and Aliens). This isn’t in the wrong category – good advice for writers in here.

Atheism and Religion

Sam Harris: Dear Angry Lunatic: A Response to Chris Hedges.

Choice in Dying: The Wrong Conclusion.

Stupid Evil Bastard: Lawsuit over the World Trade Center cross causes outpouring of Christian love.

Why Evolution is True: More death threats from religious folks.

Ill-Advised: Lesson 21: Religion — Never Write About It.

CNN: Militants hang 8-year-old boy in southern AfghanistanMilitants.

Pharyngula: Atheism is an essential part of skepticism.

Women’s Issues

BBC: The subtle messages that put women off science.


Box Turtle Bulletin: Why it’s never smart for a politician to whine about how badly he’s treated.

NMA.tv: Tea Party gives Boehner a budget headache. This is hilarious.

New York Times: The Centrist Cop-Out.

Spiegel: Once Upon a Time in the West.

Society and Culture

Electronic Frontier Foundation: A Case for Pseudonyms.

Almost Diamonds: Talking About Leadership and Whose Health Is Important?

The Digital Cuttlefish: On Pseudonymity.

Lifehacker: Google+ Not Sure How To Handle Traditional Aboriginal Names.

Decrepit Old Fool: Complaining about free services.

Kitsap Sun: Suquamish Tribe approves same-sex marriage.

Good Food: Eating While Black: How I Navigate Watermelon, Fried Chicken, and Frozen Yogurt.

Los Links 7/29

I’m arse-kickingly busy, what with the research, preparing for trip, and taking trip, so no pithy sentences this week, I’m afraid. Titles will have to do. Didn’t want to deprive you of your premium linkage!

Norway Tragedy

IndieObserver.com: Before and After Terrorist IDed: Fox News Commenters Weigh In on Norway

Balloon Juice: Give me all your liberal policies or I will kill you

Think Progress: Pat Buchanan: Norwegian Right-Wing Terrorist ‘Breivik May Be Right’ and Norway Terrorist Anders Breivik Purchased High-Capacity Gun Clips From The United States

 CNN Belief Blog: My Take: Norway attacks show why you can’t #blamethemuslims

Opinionator: Homegrown Hurt

Google+ Fiasco

Bug Girl’s Blog: Why Google+ hates women

Thomas Monopoly: Dear Google

Pulp Tech: Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers

Techi: The Google+ honeymoon is over

Mike Cane’s xBlog: The Google+ Real Name Policy Is Wrong

Punctuated Equilibrium: Google’s gormless “no pseudonym” policy and Google+ and pseudonymity: An open letter to Google

Adventures in Science and Ethics: Pseudonymity and ethics (with a few more thoughts on Google+).

Liminal States: Why it Matters: Google+ and Diversity

Infotropism: Preliminary results of my survey of suspended Google+ accounts

TekFrenzy: Google Plan To Address The Issue Of Pseudonymity In Future

Caterina.net: Anonymity and Pseudonyms in Social Software


Bad Astronomy: Atlantis, one last time in the Sun and The fiery descent of Atlantis… seen from space!

NewsObserver: UNC research uncovers new DNA building blocks

Neuroskeptic: New Antidepressant – Old Tricks

Andy Ellington’s Blog: On idiocy

The Scientist: The Beginning of the End for Bananas?

The Primate Diaries: Stressing Motherhood: How Biology and Social Inequality Foster Maternal Infanticide

Assignment: Impossible: From The Writer’s Desk: New Questions, New Frontiers

Respectful Insolence: Consumer Reports and credulity towards alternative medicine

Science Not Fiction: Captain America Gets Enhancement Right

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: Basic chondrite classification

Boston.com: A whiff of history

Slate: L’Eau Pour Chien

Superbug: Is Polio Eradication Slipping Out of Reach?

Educated Erosion: Five Reasons Geology Rocks 

I Can Haz Cheezburger: Chemistry Cat: Science and Puns, Together at Last!

NASA Lunar Science Institute: Unique volcanic complex discovered on Moon’s far side

The Artful Amoeba: Lichens vs. the Almighty Prion

Life, Unbounded: When Worlds…Perturb

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Is the parasite Toxoplasma gondii linked to brain cancer? and Insert Tongue Here – flower arrows guide fly tongues

Speaking of Research: The Value of Animals in Pre-Clinical Trials

Mind Hacks: Diagnostic dilemma, innit bruv

Discover: A Body Fit for a Freaky-Big Brain

Medialand: “Majestically Scientific” Federal Study On BPA Has Stunning Findings: So Why Is The Media Ignoring It? (via )

CMBR: Holy schist! That’s a lot of Earth science

Boundary Vision: Science Education and Changing People’s Minds Part 2: Writing to convince

Media Matters: If You Wish To Make Up Facts From Scratch…

From the Lab Bench: Super-Hero Experiment #2: The Waggle Dance

Superbug: Attack of the Deadly Slime: Farm Effluent Ruins French Beaches

The Green Apple Core: Drunk on books 

Weather Underground: Heat Waves (4) A Climate Case Study

Reading the Washington Landscape: Antecedent Yakima River and Geology Prank at Amboy Crater – Repost


Anne R. Allen’s Blog: Indie, Big Six, or Small Press Publishing: Why Not Try All Three?

Red Room: Our Publishing Nightmare-An Author’s Lesson(s)

Adventures in Space: After The Call: Don’t Ignore Your Gut 

Publishing Perspectives: The Hybrid Writer: Balancing Traditional and Self-publishing

WordPress: How to Get More Traffic

Terrible Minds: Turning Writers Into Motherfucking Rock Stars

Religion and Atheism

***Dave Does the Blog: Bryan Fischer is a Dolt (Folks Who Hate My Hate are Haters Edition)

Choice in Dying: What is the Church for?

ABC News: Church says sorry over forced adoptions

The Irish Times: Why is Vatican so miffed at reaction to Cloyne report?

Rock Beyond Belief: My ‘Atheist / Flying Spaghetti Monster’ military dog tags

Women’s Issues

Lousy Canuck: The Problem with Privilege (or: cheap shots, epithets and baseless accusations for everyone!) and The Problem with Privilege: some correct assertions, with caveats

Minnesota Skeptics: Nice Cans?! FFS, Really?

Sociological Images: Reception of Rape Victims: Silsbee, TX Edition

Lifehacker: Basic Self-Defense Moves Anyone Can Do (and Everyone Should Know)

Comment is Free: Richard Dawkins, check the evidence on the ‘chilly climate’ for women

Butterflies and Wheels: Claiming to speak for 

The Hathor Legacy: On rejecting men and rape culture


Mother Jones: The Teen Suicide Epidemic in Michele Bachmann’s District

The Conscience of a Liberal: The Cult That Is Destroying America

The Atlantic: Washington Isn’t Broken, the Republican Party Is

UN Dispatch: House Votes to Eliminate Funding for UNFPA

Hullaballoo: Balance!

ThinkProgress: GOP Congressman: If We Take The Senate And White House In 2012, The EPA Will Be ‘Discontinued’

Natural Resources: Ten Least Wanted Provisions Of The Interior And Environment Appropriations Bill

Society and Culture

Hugo Schwyzer: “Because it feels good”: the starting point for talking to kids about sex

Inside Higher Ed: Who Is Punished for Plagiarism?

Furious Purpose: The dire real-life effects of homophobia

The Guardian: Russell Brand on Amy Winehouse: ‘We have lost a beautiful, talented woman’

WWdN: In Exile: if you cut me, i will bleed

Murphy’s Law: The true story of how I shot a cop and went to jail (and something about a dildo)

Guardian: Jailed in Singapore for writing a book they didn’t like

Danger Room: FBI ‘Islam 101′ Guide Depicted Muslims as 7th-Century Simpletons

Skepchick: Skepticism and Disability by Chris “Gonz Blinko” Hofstader

Los Links 7/22

Okay, we’re a bit late. Look, a lot happened. Work was busy, so I got behind in my reading. Then Google+ went all assclown over ‘nyms, a right-wing Christian terrorist bombed Oslo and shot up kids, which distracted me from my linkage duties.  And, just to top it all off, my darling Aunty Flow showed up bright and early Sunday morning, bearing pain.

Rather lost both ability and motivation to write up the links, but here they are at last.  Let’s jump straight in.


Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: They totally knew Lady Gaga was coming.  Sci doesn’t think you need to go so far as to use a huge expensive fMRI to determine the next hit song.

Updates from the Paleontology Lab: A paleontologist’s worst nightmare…realized.  An amateur catches a mistake professionals missed, and everybody’s happy. Yay, science!

EvoEcoLab: The Reality and Utility of Bear Paternity Tests.  This is the kind of nuance Cons tend to miss when they’re busy dissing science.

Pharyngula: A Skeptical Look at Aliens. Looking for ideas to make your aliens more alien? Peruse this post, and also consider this ape’s ass... 

We Are All In the Gutter: Lanhaina Noon. Freaky wicked cool!

Uncovered Earth: Sunday Science Photos, July 10 – 16. In which a terrible confession is made.

Terra Sigillata: iAroma synthetic marijuana and the loss of Max Dobner. This is tragic, and stands as a reminder: be careful about mind-altering substances, legal or not.

Degrees of Freedom: When Math(s) Turns Out To Be Useful. Yes, even the weird, abstract shit that seems like it’ll never, ever have an application in the real world can come in very useful indeed.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: H is for Halokinesis. Evelyn brings on the science and beats down the pseudoscience. Fun! Also, Red Rock Canyon in Pictures. Man, this took me back home. I could smell it. Lovely!

Hindered Setting: Salt and sediment: A brief history of ideas. Good reading after Evelyn’s whetted your appetite for salty stuff.

Bad Astronomy: Dawn of a new Vesta. Yes, read this post, despite the horribly punny title.  Also, Dear Playboy: Deepak Chopra is wrong.  I don’t even have to pitch this, do I? You’re gonna click.

Tuff Guy: A vulcanologist’s holiday snaps. These pretty much had me packing my bags for Santorini. Will haul rocks for food!

MSNBC: Stem cell clinics ripping off patients, bullying scientists. Despicable shits they are.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: More thin section fun. These things make me love meteorites all the more!

New York Times: First-Place Sweep by American Girls at First Google Science Fair. This was fantastic to see. And these girls are scary smart.

Science-Based Medicine: Antidepressants and Effect Size.  “Once more, science fails to give us the black-and-white answers we crave. And once again we are reminded that we can’t rely on the media for accurate, nuanced information about medical science.” Which is why I’m glad we have people like Harriet Hall making some sense of it all.

The Chalkboard: UF calls for precautions against animal activists. The despicable fucktards are at it again. And anyone who thinks terrorizing scientists using animal models is all right is not all right with me, FYI.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The power of nouns – tiny word change increases voter turnout. First flags, now nouns – democracy is beginning to worry me. Okay, continuing.

Evolutionblog: Multiverses. No, they’re not something scientists made up.

Cosmic Variance: The Laws Underlying The Physics of Everyday Life Are Completely UnderstoodSeriously, The Laws Underlying The Physics of Everyday Life Really Are Completely Understood.  Read both posts before you scream, “The fuck they are!”

The Primate Diaries: The Science of Sexism: Primate Behavior and the Culture of Sexual Coercion. This may redefine your thinking on sexism, patriarchy, and biology – there’s hope!

Science Daily: Diamonds Pinpoint Start of Colliding Continents. That’s just wicked cool, that is. It amazes me what we’re able to find out from tiny old bits of crystal.

GigaOM: Thousands of scientific papers uploaded to the Pirate Bay. Ha ha ha take THAT, journals!

Discover: The Army’s Bold Plan to Turn Soldiers Into Telepaths. Sounds crazy, but it’s serious science.

The White Coat Underground: Asthma, placebo, and how not to kill your patients. I love it when something pisses PalMD off. He writes like a fury and we all learn something that could save our lives.

Life Unbounded: O NASA! My NASA! This may possibly be the only thing you need to read about Atlantis and NASA. Well, for now, anyway.

Boing Boing: Science on Screen coming to 8 theaters across America. And Seattle is one. I love my city!

Eruptions: Guest Post: Unusual volcanism in the central Andes. Fascinating! Want more!

The Science & Entertainment Exchange: Under the Microscope: Fringe. Okay. This is a show that is absolutely dedicated to getting science right, and I think I have to watch it now.

Scientific American: How Probiotics May Save Your Life. You’ll be a little surprised at what one of those probiotics is. Consider this an Ode to a Mouse.

Science Sushi: Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture. These are the kinds of conversations we’re going to have to have if we expect to feed billions more people.

Gilt Taste: The Most Important Fish in the Sea. We’re going to have to get serious about stamping out overfishing. This article demonstrates why.

The Scicurious Brain: Drinking Coffee to Stave Off Alzheimer’s. Show me the money. I picture Sci with a rapier, poking holes in bad science papers and cackling madly.


The Book Designer: 7 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Book Design. Simple stuff, but it’ll make for a much more readable book. Pay attention, self-pubbers!

The Passive Voice: Are Big Publishers Colluding in Violation of Antitrust Laws? Ooo, controversy. Yum!

Global Comment: In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series. A mind-bending review of a series that never was, but actually is, now that you think about it…

The Observatory: Whose Line Is It, Anyway? In this age of Google, social media, and instant communication, it’s probably not the best idea to copy other peoples’ work wholesale. Not that it stopped the idiot spanked herein.

The Intern: How Books Work: The Hunger Games (Part 1). Anatomy of a book, pretty colors. 

Women’s Issues

MSNBC: Afghan women rally, turning men red-faced with anger.  It’s good to see these women, who have been put through so much hell, find their voices and fight for equality.

Ann Daly: Beware the Silent Career-Killer: ‘Excessive Subjectivity’. “When a company fails to establish objective criteria for its managers to decide on pay raises and promotions, then personal, subjective, unexamined biases kick in. And if you’re operating in a male-dominated environment, you can bet that those cultural biases ain’t gonna benefit the women.”

Daily Kos: Rick Santorum is against abortion for any reason, with one exception. Can we say “Raving hypocrite,” boys and girls?

The Big Picture: World’s Most Dangerous Countries for Women. Prepare for depression.

Cocktail Party Physics: Is It Cold in Here? Sexism doesn’t have to be conscious or blatant for the climate to get awfully chilly toward women.

Blag Hag: Is free birth control coming soon? I want this for two reasons: one, free birth control which may wrestle my wayward hormones into submission. Two: fundie heads exploding.

Religion and Atheism

The Telegraph: Chief Rabbi: Equality laws leading to new Mayflower exodus. Well, Rabbi, if that’s how you feel… don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out.

David’s Slingshot: The Arrogance of Not Arguing. This: “I’m going to point out something that tends to get papered over: accommodationism isn’t just insulting to the Gnu Atheists; It is insulting to believers, on a profound level.”

Bay of Fundie: The Alpha Course. Ron Britton is back, baby! And he has a hysterically funny look at a course meant to make us all believe in god.

Maryam Namazie: Sharia Law is a code of despair; a code obsessed with women.  This is important. Go read it.

BBC: King’s Torah splits Israel’s religious and secular Jews. This, folks, is what happens when people actually believe what’s written in the Bible. It’s ugly, it makes otherwise decent people believe in the morality of murdering children, and has no place in civilized society.


Paul Krugman: Getting to Crazy. Commentators suddenly begin to realize the Cons are insane. Krugman sez, “Well duh-huh.”

OregonLive: Misreading history: GOP, with great faith, leads us toward a depression. We all knew that already, but this is brilliantly written.

Politics USA: Eric Cantor Runs from The American People with Real Time Facebook Censorship. Because we all know the poor widdle Cons are too delicate to hear contrary ideas – their heads might esplode.

Christian Science Monitor: US businesses don’t succeed in spite of government. They succeed because of it. Send this to all of your anti-government acquaintances and relatives, please.

The Root: Using the Death Penalty to Get Re-Elected. Why electing judges is a deadly thing to do.

Roger Ebert’s Journal: The Republicans exit history. I wish they’d hurry up and get the hell gone.

Society and Culture

Pharyngula: My position on communicating skepticism.  “Don’t forget: the truth is our pole star, science is the vessel we use to progress, and a passion to explore and learn is the engine of our purpose. If we lose sight of that in our concern to be gentle with those who impede us, we’ll lose our way.”  YES.

In These Times: Let’s Rethink Masculinity. Personally, I think a true superman is one who’s brave enough to stay home with the baby.

Scientific American: The educational value of creative disobedience. Gorgeous musings on what real learning is, and what we should do to change our current educational environment.  Bolded so you do not miss it.

Grist: Koch brothers declare war on offshore wind. Well, of course they have. Wonder if they’d stop screeching if we added another windmill every time they did?

Felix Salmon: The real Rupert Murdoch exposed. This will not come as a surprise to those of us who knew he was a disgusting little prick, but it’s deeply satisfying.

Center for American Progress: Think Again: Rupert, We Hardly Knew Ye. “The Murdoch empire is based on lies, criminal behavior, a lack of respect for elementary human decency, and a single-minded pursuit of its own self-interest.” About sums it up, yes.

The Audit: The Murdoch Pushback: Attacking the Press. Pointing you toward this one for the paragraphs upon paragraphs of wrongdoings. Wow-e-wow.

Furious Purpose: A kind of funny and mostly overlooked detail in the Newscorp meltdown. Heh heh heh. Religion and scumbaggery, all in one neat package.

Transportation for America: Prosecuting the victim, absolving the perpetrators. Turning a tragedy into an outrage, all because cities can’t design transit properly.

The Mary Sue: The Ol’ Switcheroo: A Consideration of Gender-Bending in Geek Culture. Heh. Considering all the times I’ve dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, I totally relate to this.

Reciprocal Space: Plague-arism. “As academics, it is our duty to have robust procedures for assessment (and to take companies like Custom Essay Services to task). But equally, students must have the integrity and the wit to realise that, in the long run, learning demands commitment, not cash.” Hells to the yes!

Emily L. Hauser – In My Head: Why I think Marcus Bachmann might be gay (and why I think it matters). Some extremely good points in here, and well worth your time. It could make us all better people.

Balloon Juice: Why Yes. It’s Still True. Megan McCardle Is Always Wrong. Always.