New Post on ASRI

For my Wise Readers: Leaping Into the Saddle of the Horse I’d Put Out to Pasture. In which I explain why I’ve been so horribly out of touch with so many people, and announce the short story I’m working on.

I’ll be posting that story to ye olde writing blog, which is invitation only. I know at least one of you wanted an invite a bit ago. I got the email at a time when I didn’t have time to log on and send you said invite, promptly forgot to flag the email, and it got buried under a mountain of other stuff. I have no idea where it is. So please, ask again! And for anyone else who wants to become a Wise Reader, email me. Yahoo knows me as dhunterauthor.

I’ll be setting aside an hour or so to do such housekeeping, and maybe even correspond with a few friends who must think my email is broken or that I’m not willing to think of them anymore. Neither is true! I can’t wait for the day when we can email people with our thoughts no matter where we are. I’ll be better at this whole communication thing then.

Right. Off to continue slaving for my Muse get some writing done. Labor Day indeed…

While We Wait for the Carnival to Come to Town…

Due to a breakdown, one of our sideshows is coming in late, so Ye Olde Accretionary Wedge #34 Addendum won’t be up until later today or tomorrow.  It will be worth the wait.  And if you missed the first go-round but have something you’d like to submit, please do feel free!

Due to a breakdown in my mad time management skillz, I haven’t got anything to fill the gap.  And I’ve got five hours of hard writing ahead, which means I can’t whip up anything brilliant.  So I’m going to ask your input instead.

Y’see, I’m fast running low on quotes for Cantina Quote o’ the Week.  And I figured, rather than scouring the intertoobz for more quotes, I’d invite you, my darlings, to submit your own favorites.  Anything you like.  I can’t promise I’ll use them, but I’d love to see them all.  I likes a good quote, me.

And now, ’tis time for a quote from my best friend: “I’m off – and I’m leaving, too.”

See ye at the sideshow.

Los Links Will Return

Well, we can’t blame Yahoo this week.  Instead of my draft email with all my lovely links presenting me with a blank slate when the time comes to put them all in order, we had Blogger going waaay down.  Well, that and the fact I’m writing me arse off at the moment and would’ve punked them off til Sunday anyway.

But the Readers have Spoken, and I wanted to assure you all that I will, indeed, continue on with Los Links.  Just for you.  And because there’s too much awesome stuff not to highlight.  But mostly for you.

And I’m now using Yahoo Notepad instead of email, which seems less eager to delete everything I’m collecting.  We shall see.

I’m off to continue my adventures with the Muse.  Laters, my darlings!

Because I’m Busy, That’s Why

So you may have noticed the glaring absence of Los Links and the confusing appearance of our Cantina Quote o’ the Week a day early.  This is because I’ve been too busy at home to compile said links, and work had the indecency to be too busy for me to compile them there, and, well, busy is what it comes down to.

So I’ll attempt to have Los Links up tomorrow night.  I said attempt.

Topics, People! I Need Topics!

I’m insane.  Right round the bend.  Gone straight for a madman.  Loco (well, in my case, loca).  I’m trying to write a month’s worth of blog posts within the next four days.

Topics.  I need topics.

So, if there’s anything you’ve been burning for me to write about, now’s the time to mention it.  I don’t care how crazy it sounds, or if you think it will only be interesting to a minority of circus performers, or if you think you’re the only one who could possibly care.  Pitch it.  You never know when you’re not the only one.

Got a question about atheism?  Ask it.  Want to know something about this life as a writer?  Inquire within.  Some aspect of Arizona or Pacific Northwest geology intrigues you?  Do tell!  Those are just a few suggestions to get your topic synapses firing.  

And if anyone’s been itching to post a guest post right here on ETEV, now would be a good time to raise your hand and squeal, “Ooo, me!  ME!”  Send it along to dhunterauthor at yahoo dot com and you might just see your name in lights.

Right, then.  Fire away.  I’m off to continue preparing for the last month o’ the winter writing season….

Unavoidably Detained

I’m sorry.  I haven’t put together Los Links, and I won’t have time to do it tonight.  Unavoidably detained, you see. 


(It’s his fault, actually.  He’s the one what did it.  And I adore him for it.)

Anyway, those of you who know what I’m referring to should feel free to babble about how much they adore the show in comments.  For those of you not yet addicted, all I can say is that I’m terribly sorry. 

Night Off

It happens.  Busy watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, wasn’t I?  Hadn’t pre-loaded enough posts, had I?  So here we are.

If it makes you feel any better, I spent time in between calls at work today researching up a storm for our next installment of Seward Park Geology.  Got so much information that my brain very nearly melted away.  So I’ll have that up for you soon, and then there’s a little something special Suzanne sent over that I’ll present to you, and the Dojo, and – well, let’s just say we shall have a very busy week.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

And, incidentally, for the fans: feel free to share the story of how you became obsessed with Harry Potter here.  I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.  😉

My Triumphant Return

Yes, I abandoned you all for three nights with the Wheel of Time.  Can you ever forgive me?

For a while, there, it looked like all was for naught, too.  I didn’t think I’d finish last night.  But the time changed, giving that magical extra hour, and so we made it from page just-shy-of-500 to page 843 at just about 6 in the ay-em.

Here endeth the “I’m-still-alive-only-very-badly-eyestrained” announcement.  Regular blogging shall resume later today.

Thank you, my darlings, for understanding.

Gone, But Haven’t Forgotten Ye

Whelp, my darlings, I’m off to get packed and see more outstanding Oregon geology.  Lockwood‘s taking us field tripping.  But just because I’m out doesn’t mean the cantina’s closed.  No, I’ve pre-loaded some posts for ye.  More precisely, other bloggers have provided content, and I’ve engaged in some link love, for the most part.

Due to the fact this machine’s wi-fi went boom, I won’t have an online presence for a few days.  If Blogger chooses this time to decide you’re spam, never fear!  I’ll get you out of purgatory when I return.

Shall be back online no later than Thursday.  I’ll miss you, my darlings, but I’ll bring you back lots of lovely photos!