Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Well, ’twas a big day in the Senate, where Cons and Con-like Dems were busy defeating the public option, just as we suspected.  Some of the arguments against it were remarkably inane, even for Cons.  So does that mean the public option’s dead?  Not at all.  And support for reform is rising

Still.  It would be nice to know the names of the Dems who seem like they’re planning to stand with the Cons on a filibuster.  Those folks need a few reality checks sent to them from their constituents.

I’ll bet you a dollar to a Con promise that one of those assclowns is Sen. Ben Nelson, who really outdid himself on the stupidity today.  Where to begin?  He’s planning to vote against reconciliation should it come to that.  This despite the fact he loved him some reconciliation when it came to the Bush tax cuts.  He’s yammering about health care reform needing 65 votes to really mean anything, rather ignoring the fact that voters put 60 Dem butts in Senate seats for a reason.  And despite the fact he liked 60 votes just fine when it came to the stimulus.  And the fact that he won his elections with well under 65% of the votes.  Speaking of elections, he thinks we need another one just to make sure the voters were really truly serious about getting health care reform done.

Next election, I hope his constituents are smart enough to throw him out on his ear.  What a fucking useless piece of shit.

He almost overshadows the stupidity of Cons, but Chuck Grassley’s doing his best to hold onto the title.  When backed into a corner, he defended Medicare by calling it part of our social fabric, but scorned a public option because government is a predator.  This only makes sense when you realize he’s attempting to hold two mutually exclusive positions, and getting a groin pull trying to straddle them.

Other Cons are trying to claim they do, too have a health reform plan!  That’s probably news to their leadership.  Bad news, because their “plan” sucks leper donkey dick.

Meanwhile, Blue Dog Dems attempt to hold insurance subsidies hostage over abortion.  I know the Democratic party is a big tent, but for fuck’s sake, aren’t there any limits?

Their insurance company friends are busy scaremongering seniors to drum up business.  Totally shameless, these fuckers are.

I’ve saved some of the best news for last.  Sen. Byron Dorgan is getting ready to blow up the sweetheart deal between Baucus, the White House, and PhRMA.  Those fireworks should be very much worth seeing.

The next few weeks should be very interesting indeed.

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